Zuzana Štefková's project

Jana Kasalová: From the series State, Drawing by breast milk (2010-11), courtesy of Zuzana Štefková

Zuzana Štefková Ph.D. (Charles University, Prague) is an art historian who investigate the issue of parenting in art. The research is supported by grant from COST IS1307 network and endorsed by Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation.

As a part of her stay in Poland Zuzana gives a lecture concerns with aspects of parenting in contemporary art seen through the prism of new materialist thought. Rooted in the tradition of feminist theory and practice, the lecture will explore political dimensions of issues related to the embodied experience of parenting and its material translation into art, and tackle the implications of having children on one’s life, art, and subjectivity.

Adopting the new materialist lenses, the talk will deal with the entanglement of matter and meaning surrounding the issues of mothering, pregnancy, birth, abortion, child rearing and the whole process of becoming a parent.

Bringing together examples of maternal activism, analyses of the meaning-making creative process informed by bodies in labour, the bodies of born and unborn children, as well as the nonhuman actants in an interaction with the matrix of their specific socio-historical contexts, the lecture summarizes various ways in which embodied creative strategies demonstrate the interconnectedness between matter and mind and traverse the imaginary gap between nature and culture on a personal, social and symbolic level.

September 21, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin at 7 p.m.

My Extended Family:

Mothers, Fathers, Children, Foetuses, Prams, and other Nonhuman Actants in Art Dealing With Parenting

Admission free

Lucia Dovičáková: In Utero / First Trimester (2013), courtesy of Zuzana Štefková